I am excited to announce that I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the lovely Shana LaFore from LaforeTV about FIRST HAND WOMAN’s upcoming American debut at the New York International Fringe Festival!

Here we dish about inspiration, taking risks, going after your dream and about being afraid and doing it anyway. Shana LaFore is a creativity mentor and business strategist. She saves creative types from entrepreneurial overwhelm by giving them fun, easy-to-implement strategies so they can create beauty while living beautifully. Find out more about Shana at www.shanalafore.com.

It’s a fun Google Hangout convo, so grab a coffee or tea and join us. Check it out below and discover some juicy behind-the-scenes secrets.

Check out the crowd funding campaign at indiegogo.com/FirstHandWoman Be sure to leave a message below and let me know what FIRST HAND WOMAN behind-the-scenes goodies you want to hear more about.

And as always…

Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown

~ Sarah Michelle Brown
First Hand Woman Actor, Playwright + Producer