Crazy Crazy Crazy.

FIRST HAND WOMAN opens in TWO WEEKS in Toronto! I’m soooo excited!

Oh, this is pretty exciting too: I recently had two media interviews about FIRST HAND WOMAN and our Toronto debut!! A huge shout out to Kevin Pennant and his team at Pennant Media Group for their INCREDIBLE work!!!

First Hand Woman - Sarah Michelle Brown - skydiving

So… Here is the place where the holidays and sleep deprivation have a love child. I’ve just had a LONG stint of 20-hour work days with little sleep. Lots to be done with this debut. Don’t worry, I’m not hallucinating or anything. Lol.

<——- I’m wearing a ridiculously high number of hats again (I am mostly awake in the photo). But it’s all good. It’ll be 100% worth it once the show is up and we’re reaching our audiences. 

I found some awesome new sponsors for FIRST HAND WOMAN, including local people doing amazing work, such as Christine’s Fitness and Ngozika Productions. I’m also in the midst of locking down our silent auction donations for my upcoming fundraiser. Lol. My Mom thinks I’m crazy for also coordinating a separate event during the run of the show, but I think it’ll be a great night.

So all I can say is holidays, what holidays?   🙂

I am really looking forward to what 2009 will bring!

So, with this busy season, I have one thing that I’d like you to do. I want you to look at your life and see where you can start delegating things out. I mean, I’m in a situation with FIRST HAND WOMAN, where I’m rolling the dice, with a budget that mostly involves my bank account, and therefore I’m wearing as many hats as I can:

  • First Hand Woman Producer? Check
  • First Hand Woman Actor? Check
  • First Hand Woman Promotional video editor? Check
  • First Hand Woman Fundraiser? Check
  • First Hand Woman Web designer? Check
  • First Hand Woman Poster/postcard designer? Check
  • First Hand Woman Playwright? Check
  • First Hand Woman Marketer? Check
  • (I know I’m forgetting some stuff too). Double check

I’m in a by-any-means-necessary mode, with a tiny budget, but I don’t recommend it for you.  🙂  Yes, indeed, instead I highly recommend that you learn how to delegate.

So to lead you towards the end of the year, I want you to write down 10 different ways that you could delegate and take some pressure off of yourself in your personal and professional lives!

Then leave a comment below and tell me how you can make your life less stressful. Cool? Awesome!

And as always…

Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown

Sarah Michelle Brown
FIRST HAND WOMAN Actor, Playwright + Producer