Phew! First day’s rehearsal =  done.

It was amazing to see the new team get to work today. I’m extremely excited by the passion, the drive and the talent in this production of FIRST HAND WOMAN.

Will start up some video introductions to our team soon. Exciting things brewing!

Okay, back to work I go. Will it be the actor hat or the producer’s hat? Hmmm…

Decisions, decisions.  🙂

And as always…

Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown

~ Sarah Michelle Brown
FIRST HAND WOMAN Actor, Playwright + Producer

FIRST HAND WOMAN is one woman’s powerful story, told through five different parts of herself. These parts are the boisterous and unapologetic stages of loss. So the characters onstage are Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Depression and Acceptance. This is an exhilarating ride through the stages of loss and into redemption!

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