Q: Would you ever consider translating this play into a movie or would you want to keep it on stage?

First Hand Woman movie Sarah Michelle Brown Sarah: Oh I would LOVE to translate First Hand Woman to the big screen. I’m a playwright with a film director’s eye. On top of that, I’m a also Star Wars nerd who also loves The Shawshank Redemption.

So taking this play to the big screen feels like a natural progression for me.

Waiting to Exhale meets Life of Pi meets Lord of the Rings? Lol. We’ll see.

Oh, that thought makes me do a happy dance.

And by the way, I absolutely love what Ang Lee achieved with Life of Pi. Seeing that film gave me hope that stories involving a figurative approach can work in film.

First Hand Woman goes into that same kind of magical zone of the imagination. The possibilities for an on screen adaptation make me sooo excited.

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Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown

~ Sarah Michelle Brown
First Hand Woman Actor, Playwright + Producer

First Hand Woman is one woman’s powerful story, told through five different parts of herself. These parts are the boisterous and unapologetic stages of loss. So the characters onstage are Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Depression and Acceptance. This is an exhilarating ride through the stages of loss and into redemption!