You’ll be delighted to know that we had a fantastic first day!!!

I’m really excited about the creative team assembled for the Toronto debut.

We’re incorporating LIVE musical elements for the first time. Go team!

This includes singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Saidah Baba Talibah and soulful percussionist Guiomar Campbell. I could feel the excitement buzzing in the air as the rehearsal began.

Great great day!

We also had a fancy schmancy photo shoot yesterday! Here’s one of our outtakes:

First Hand Woman - Sarah Michelle Brown

Photographer: Joanne Klimaszewski; hair + makeup: Ana Sorys; stylist: Joan Chapple

Absolutely beautiful work! Thanks guys!!

Phew! Time for sleep! But before that, I want you to do something for me. Now it might feel awkward, but I want you to take out a pen and paper or open up a writing program on your computer. Now, I want you to write down 10 things that you’re proud that you’ve accomplished in your life. I know those accomplishments are there. They can be small or large, it doesn’t matter. It’s a way of saying that yes, it’s time to pat yourself on the back.

Awesome!! Now, make sure to leave some comments below to let me know about some of your accomplishments. Let’s celebrate them!!!

PS – If you don’t have your tickets yet for our Toronto debut, get them HERE. They are going quickly, so get em while you can. Xoxo

And as always…

Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown

Sarah Michelle Brown
FIRST HAND WOMAN Actor, Playwright + Producer