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Yep, it’s about time to get a little personal.

Before mounting FIRST HAND WOMAN’s world premiere in Montreal, I was nervous because my heart was having extremely intense, prolonged palpitations. I went to see my family doctor and she did some tests that caused her concern.

She was worried that I may be experiencing a precursor to a heart attack and ordered me straight to emergency.

When I heard that news, my first thought was ‘Oh no! I might be dying’ and my second thought was ‘Oh no! I can’t call off the premiere. No way.’

(Yes, this is a work that is like no other for me.)

I was immediately shipped off to the hospital (no passing “Go”). It was super surreal. My family and my best friend sped down and I saw a doctor. He did a bunch of tests, saw no immediate danger and then sent me on my way.

Sarah Michelle Brown - First Hand Woman

I had to wear a heart monitor for two days so a cardiologist could see what was going on. Have you had to wear one before? They’re kinda scary, awkward contraptions, with wires that go into small pads that stick onto your skin. Sexy, right?

In fact, I was wearing that heart monitor while auditioning actors to find a new “Bargaining” for our debut.

Anyhow, if you’ve read an earlier post, you’ll know that I was able to continue on to our debut (which was amazing)! Yay!

The really great news is that I recently saw a cardiologist, and I am glad to report that it wasn’t an attack and that my heart is fine. My heart just didn’t know what to do with the pressure that I was putting on my shoulders, so it went a little wackadoo for a few months.   🙂

When the kernel for FIRST HAND WOMAN first came to me four years ago, I knew that this would be a play that would go with me throughout my life.

Sarah Michelle Brown wins - First Hand Woman

It is my breath, it is my passion, it is my joy, and having seen the impact that we had on our audiences in Montreal, I can’t wait until we go up again! Thank you heart for being okay. I promise to go easier on you next time. Lol.

Now here is where you take action. I want you to choose one thing that you are extremely passionate about and take a second to tell me about it in the comments below. What fires you up?

And as always,

Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown

Sarah Michelle Brown
FIRST HAND WOMAN Actor, Playwright + Producer